Recent Projects

Wigan Little Theatre

Refurbish 230 Sitting positions due to worn seating and complaints about comfort.

The Wigan Little Theatre employed Northern Seating to completely refurbish their 25 Year old chairs in both the Stalls area and the Balcony area.

We removed all the existing seats and metalwork leaving the floor free to re-carpet whilst we worked on the upholstered and polished components.

One problem here was the components used in the original manufacture were no longer off the shelf, we had to source bespoke parts in quite a short space of time.

We stripped all upholstery to the bare timber, re-foamed with profiled combustion modified cushions, re upholstered with a Sunbury Fabric using an inter liner between the foam and the top fabric.

We were given a month to complete this and achieved this with time to spare and within budget.

Peter Hall – Treasurer, Wigan Little Theatre and the staff were delighted with the finished look and superior comfort we had achieved.

We hope that the new upholstery will last even longer than the original.

Bolton Octagon

The problems here start with the design of the seating, fabrics wear through quickly because the original manufacturer did not line the cushions or sand the edges of the timber work meaning that the cloth, which is a Camera Tweed, wears out quite quickly.

We are overcoming this problem in stages. We have upgraded the fabric to Camira 24/7, use a liner between the foam cushion and top fabric and feather all the edges of the timber then use a thin foam on the edges to further prolong the life of the seating.

The original arm rests were made of MDF and became very fragile very quickly. We remade them using plywood, glued and pinned together giving a much stronger product.

Theatre seating does get really heavy wear so we need to take that in to consideration and have developed processes that cost pennies yet give years of use.

We are doing a rolling programme here as and when required. This is something we do a lot when either budget or Theatre dark times are tight.

MADS Theatre

MADS is a great little Theatre in Macclesfield.

The instruction here was to replace existing upholstery which was mounted on cast iron metalwork.

There are 161 Traditional Theatre seats in here which are many years old. Cast iron is very hard to repair if it breaks so we decided to leave the cast posts at the theatre in situ and bring all upholstered items to our factory for refurbishment.

We used a Lancona fabric which has a rub test value of over 200,000 making it a fantastic choice for adding longevity to our work.

New components were made to match the existing which fit back in place perfectly and they now have a solid chair with new CMHR High Grade cushions and a pretty bomb proof fabric. This installation will now last many many years. Another happy customer, Installed on time and within budget.

Edinburgh Theatre

This is perhaps our biggest install to date for a theatre Job. There are nearly 3000 sitting positions here.

The biggest problem was complaints about leg room which in turn led to some pretty unhappy customers.

The solution here was to install a brand new chair which used a curved back rest with a Probax foam seat cushion. We have done this work in stages of around 600 each time. Each section has been altered to give better space, more comfort and ultimately less complaints.

The probax technology is remarkable, it gives a much more comfortable posture meaning less shuffling and fidgeting. Coupled with an uprighted angle on the back rest we achieved a dramatic increase in leg room. Re-spacing was done as it should be and complaints have dropped to virtually none when it comes to leg room or comfort.

Theatre Management had these kind words:

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Northern Seating during the course of my time here at the Theatre. Your team have delivered on time, on budget and with a level of professionalism, commitment and good humour that is second to none. I very much hope we get to work together again at some point in the future.”

“For now, thank you for everything you've done to help improve the experience of our audiences, and I hope that the theatre can continue to work with you over the course of the new financial year to deliver the next phase in the upgrade of the auditorium's seating.”

Superb staff at Edinburgh, some of the most helpful we have ever worked with.

The Dominion London

Another large theatre and fantastic job for us.

Around 2000 sitting positions of traditional upholstered Chairs.

We were just part of a massive multi million pound refurb program and the finished look is breathtaking.

Our role was to install our own seating on to existing metal work which meant some modifications to our design which worked out very well.

Richard Kiernan had advised us all the way along of the look he wanted and the comfort level needed even down to the thickness of memory foam used in the seat base. We provided samples of Seat base, Back rest and arms so that the Theatre could see first hand what to expect from us and they could suggest alterations if needed.

Back rests were manufactured and polished in our factory and were designed to look quite unique. Row numerals were inserted into the top of the back rest which was also shaped at the edges instead of the usual straight line.

Seat bases had a 75mm foam cushion with a memory foam topper, lined with Dacron liner and the seams where double sewn to prevent bursts over time.

Arms were polished timber with an insert upholstered in to the top giving a look of class and comfort.

The job was completed on time and on budget and looks amazing.

Dominion 1st Sample Chair


Theatre in Birmingham 1200 Chairs so far

“We are very proud of the job, it looks amazing.”

“Your team were very professional and seemed to work seamless against all what was going on, please pass on our sincere thanks and we look forward to seeing you again.”

Birmingham - Final Install

Birmingham Seating Before and After...
Birmingham - Seating Before
Birmingham - 1st Sample Chair

Theatre in Bristol

Had traditional upholstered sprung seating. Replaced with new like for like upholstery, using tapered foams for comfort in the seat base.

One of the Directors said:

“Thanks LOADS for the amazing work you've done on our seats mate, everyone is absolutely blown away by how awesome they look and even more importantly how comfy they are! As you know from seeing the state of them before, the difference is absolutely huge!!!”

“I know we had some really weird requests in how we wanted the seats to look, but they couldn't have turned out more perfect. All the volunteers who've been in helping this week and everyone who came last night was just amazed by what a transformation they've made, and you and your team definitely deserve the credit for that!”

“And also a huge thank you for your extra help in getting them all put back in for us... your guys worked like trojans on Wednesday, knew exactly what they were doing, and helped iron out any little snags some of our lot raised with them. Was gutted to find out they'd left after speaking with one of our other team as I wanted to thank them personally myself, so i'd be really grateful if you could pass on my thanks to them for me please.”

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