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At Northern Seating we design and manufacture high quality bespoke design auditorium seating for theatres, cinemas, lecture halls, concert halls and arenas.

Everything is manufactured in-house at our premises, based in Greater Manchester. This means we can offer a truly flexible approach, working with you to create the best seating system for your needs.

We can cater for any room size and number of seats, and all designs conform to fire and safety regulations.

Bespoke design - we manufacture all of our own seating to your exact requirements.




Probax Seating

A quiet revolution is taking place in the UK's theatres. The new ProBax seating technology is being added to 100s of venues across the UK and internationally.

The system, which is foam based, improves seated posture and can be incorporated into almost any foam based seat, whether new or via a refurbishment program. ProBax greatly enhances comfort, increases the perception of space for the seat user and reduces back and neck pain.

Northern Seating is one of a handful of UK licensees for ProBax.

By reducing fidgeting and movement in the seat ProBax not only enhances the atmosphere of any auditorium it extends the life of the cushion by up to 20%. ProBax meets all regulatory requirements and requires no changes to the seat design, appearance or installation.

ProBax – The Best Seat in the House.

Find out more about ProBax auditorium seating at

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